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  • Thallium — GPAW

    Tantalum; Tellurium; Titanium; Thallium. 13 valence electrons; Vanadium; ... Thallium ¶ Datasets: name ... -809.329 4p: 6-611.106 4d: 10 ...

  • Tantalum (Ta) Ingot – RWMM

    A rare metal with a wide array of industrial uses. A unique offering of Rare World Metals Mint. Buy tantalum. Own what's rare!

  • Lanthanum oxide - Wikipedia

    325.809 g/mol: Appearance: White powder, ... Lanthanum oxide is La 2 O 3, ... and hardness. Together with oxides of tungsten, tantalum, ...

  • Carbon group - Wikipedia

    Tantalum: Tungsten: Rhenium: Osmium: Iridium: Platinum: Gold: Mercury (element) Thallium: Lead: ... The atomic radii of the carbon group elements tend to increase ...

  • Re – Ta (Rhenium – Tantalum) - Springer

    2 Binary Systems: Re – Ta 1 Re – Ta (Rhenium – Tantalum) Fig. 1. Calculated phase diagram for the system Re-Ta. Rhenium and tantalum are important additions to many alloys, such as superalloys and refractory alloys.

  • US6576069B1 - Tantalum-silicon alloys and products ...

    An alloy comprising tantalum and silicon is described. The tantalum is the predominant metal present. The alloy also has a uniformity of tensile strength when formed into a wire, such that the maximum population standard deviation of tensile strength for the wire is about 3 KSI for an unannealed wire at finish diameter and about 2 KSI for an ...

  • Alkoxide complexes of rhenium (PDF Download Available)

    This thesis describes two major methods for preparation of new mono-, bi- and trimetallic complexes on the basis of Rhenium, Niobium and Tantalum: (1) - the electrochemical method for the synthesis of Re4O4(OEt)12 and (2) - the interaction of Rhenium heptoxide, Re2O7, with alkoxo-derivates of ...

  • Superalloy - ipfs.io

    A superalloy, or high-performance ... Investigation indicates that addition of rhenium and tantalum increases oxidation ... Sci. Forum 1997, 251–54, 809 ↑ O ...


    tantalum capacitors include automotive electronics, ... molybdenum, niobium, rhenium, and tungsten in high-temperature applications. e. Estimated. NA Not available.

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