high pressure turbopump

  • Space Shuttle Main Engine Orientation

    to fully expand the very high pressure gas in the MCC. Specific impulse in vacuum is 452 seconds (i.e., Specific impulse in vacuum is 452 seconds (i.e., 452 pounds of thrust is generated for each pound of propellant burned per second).

  • How, ultimately, does a rocket motor turbopump …

    Is the high pressure solely to overcome back pressure from the combustion chamber? That sounds roughly right. The key point is that, without a pump of some sort, the entire tank would need to be strong enough to withstand pressure equal to that in the combustion chamber, and so the engine might perform fine, but the vehicle would …

  • Turbopump Feed Systems And Engine Cycles - Chamber Pressure

    Turbopump Feed Systems And Engine Cycles. Last Updated on Sat, 09 Jun 2018 | Chamber Pressure. The principal components of a rocket engine with one type of turbopump system are shown in the simplified diagram of Fig. 1-4. Here the propellants are pressurized by means of pumps, which in turn are driven by turbines. These …

  • Turbopump - Wikipedia

    There are two types of turbopumps: a centrifugal pump, where the pumping is done by throwing fluid outward at high speed, or an axial-flow pump, where alternating rotating and static blades progressively raise the pressure of a fluid.


    The Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) was designed for 55 missions. ... The last block upgrade was Block II, which added a new high-pressure fuel turbopump.

  • Turbo-V Pump Technical Notes

    Turbo-V Pump Technical Notes Turbopump Operating Principles ... dragged into a channel toward the high pressure region. Conventional turbomolecular pumps have high ...


    A rocket turbopump is the high-speed and high-power turbomachinery that raise the pressure of cryogenic fluid to higher than the combustion chamber pressure. Various rotor vibration problems had occurred caused by rotation in the development phase of the turbopumps for the Japanese rocket engines. In order to suppress the rotor instability …

  • High Pressure Oxidizer Turbopump (HPOTP) …

    NASA Technical Library 3 1176 01423 8795 NASA Technical Paper 3589 High Pressure Oxidizer Turbopump (HPOTP) Inducer Dynamic Design Environment D.A. Herda Marshall Space Flight Center • MSFC, Alabama

  • Turbomolecular pump - Wikipedia

    A turbomolecular pump is a type ... stable for high pressure operation and as thin as ... be added to protect the turbopump from excessive back pressure ...

  • Coffin Turbo Pump - High-Pressure Pumps, High …

    Coffin Turbo Pump, Inc. is a renowned manufacturer and global supplier of high-pressure, high-speed centrifugal pumps. Our high-pressure pump solutions utilize the most advanced high-speed motor and turbine drive designs in the pump industry for marine, offshore, military, waste-to-energy, pulp & paper, cogeneration.


    PRACTICE NO. PD-ED-1268 PAGE 3 OF 5 HIGH PERFORMANCE LIQUID HYDROGEN TURBOPUMPS The turbine blades experience enormous centrifugal force loads as well as high thermal loads at

  • F-1 Engine Turbopump from Cold Calibration

    The turbopump has had its high-pressure ducts and gas generator removed, allowing inspection of turbopump interior. Oddly, it appears that the output of the fuel turbopump was not run through the bobtail thrust chamber, as the fuel inlet manifold has no actual fuel inlet. I'm not certain whether the output of the fuel output was routed ...


    The high pressure oxidizer turbopump (HPOTP) of the Space Shuttle Main Engine raises the pressure of liquid oxygen flowing to the main engine combustion chamber injector and preburner injectors sufficiently

  • spacex - Why does the Falcon 9 require a helium ...

    When a rocket first launches it is full of fuel and the pressure at the bottom of the tank is very high; when it is nearing burnout then that fuel stack is only a few feet high so the pressure entering the turbopump is much lower.

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