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  • Portable water purification - Wikipedia

    Portable water purification devices are ... A potentially lower cost alternative to using iodine-based water purification tablets is the use of iodine crystals ...

  • 8 Easy Ways To Purify Water From Any Source

    It is becoming necessary on a daily basis to learn water purification methods for safe drinking water in most parts of the world — and maybe even right out of your tap.

  • 6 ways to purify water without expensive technology ...

    The Earth’s population is booming, the planet is getting hotter, and drinkable water is either scarce or contaminated in many parts of the world. While certain commercial water purification methods depend on non-sustainable methods and materials that are environmentally taxing, there are great alternatives.

  • Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water | Ground Water ...

    How to boil and disinfect water to kill most disease-causing microorganisms during emergency situations where regular water service has been interrupted and local authorities recommend using only bottled water, boiled water, or disinfected water.


    TWENTY-FIVE METHODS TO PURIFY WATER. There are twenty-five methods to purify water, divided into four categories: separation, filtration, chemicals, oxydation.

  • How To Purify Water | Survival Life

    Do you want to know how to purify water? ... but if you’re looking for a slightly less expensive alternative that ... Water purification. Survival Life is the ...

  • Water purification - Wikipedia

    Water purification is the process of removing undesirable ... Desalination is currently expensive compared to most alternative sources of water, ...

  • The Safe Swimming Pool Alternative to Chlorine and ...

    You can have clean, crystal clear, healthy pool water with almost no chlorine at all – with Go Chemless™. Go Chemless™ - The first practical NASA spinoff ionization system for creating the purest, clearest, healthiest pool water you will ever experience…

  • 4 Ways to Purify Water - wikiHow

    May 10, 2018· How to Purify Water. ... We use cookies to make wikiHow great. ... but you can also use alternatives if necessary, including:

  • 6 Natural Ways to Purify Your Water - …

    When you’re away from your regular water filter, try these natural purification methods to reduce ... “How to Purify Water with Fruit,” The Alternative Daily, ...

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