molybdenum copper material

  • Molybdenum - Mechanical Properties And Material …

    Molybdenum, a refractory metal is widely used as an alloying element. Due to its good thermal and electrical conductivity, high melting point and excellent strength at elevated temperatures, molybdenum can be used for various applications in its pure form.

  • Molybdenum Alloy Plates, Sheets & Rods Supplier | …

    Molybdenum is used for its extremely high melting point and relative flexibility. When combined with steel and other metals, the bond gives the material a high resistance to extreme temperatures and chemical corrosion. This property is very useful when working with energy applications, reactive chemicals, high-intensity motors, filaments ...

  • Copper Tungsten, Molybdenum Copper ... - …

    Heat Sinks. Torrey Hills’ heat sinks manufacturing facility specializes in the R&D and production of high-tech electronic packaging materials, namely Copper tungsten (WCu, CuW), Molybdenum copper (MoCu, CuMo), and copper molybdenum copper (Cu/Mo/Cu) heat sinks and shims.

  • Ametek Molybdenum-Copper Composite AMC 3169 - …

    These composites of molybdenum and copper have many applications in electronic devices. The excellent thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion make them ideal for: chip mounting, heat sinks, circuit board cores, lids or covers, or thermal spreaders. The material can be machined into shapes and readily plated if required. AMETEK's …

  • Molybdenum - Wikipedia

    A plate of molybdenum copper alloy. About 86% of molybdenum produced is used in metallurgy, with the rest used in chemical applications.

  • Plating on Molybdenum | Molybdenum Electroplating …

    Molybdenum: The Basics. There are many benefits of molybdenum electroplating. Molybdenum, chemical symbol Mo and atomic number 42, and often referred to as “moly,” is a chemical element featuring a brittle texture and a silvery-gray color that somewhat resembles lead.

  • Molybdenum Copper Alloy - Luoyang Combat Tungsten ...

    Molybdenum Copper is alloy of molybdenum and copper. It is a great alternative to tungsten copper for weight sensitive applications. The combination of high purity raw material and high temperature hydrogen sintering using no additives yields the highest thermal conductivity available for this composite material system.

  • Rembar | Molybdenum In Stock | Technical Details

    Molybdenum is a refractory metal with high elastic modulus and a high melting point. Rembar has molybdenum wires, sheets, rods, tubing, and plates in stock, ready for delivery. Access technical details on molybdenum, and contact Rembar for a quote.

  • Molybdenum-copper-composites for the advanced …

    Molybdenum-copper-composites are interesting materials in the field of thermal management of gallium nitride based electronic devices. Depending on the application and packaging requirements, the Depending on the application and packaging requirements, the

  • Choice of X-ray Target

    Choice of X-ray Target. ... iron (Fe), cobalt (Co), copper (Cu), molybdenum (Mo), and a few other less commonly used materials for X-ray powder diffraction.

  • US5292478A - Copper-molybdenum composite strip - …

    The composite material is characterized by a continuous copper matrix having a plurality of discrete molybdenum particles embedded therein. The molybdenum particles have an aspect ratio in the range of from about 1:1 to about 4:1 so as to create a thermal path through the matrix from a first side of the composite material to a …

  • Applications of Molybdenum Metal and Its Alloys

    chemical is the starting material for molybdenum metal powder production. The molybdate can be calcined (heated to high temperature in air) to produce a high-purity molybdic oxide. Whether ADM or calcined oxide is used as the starting material for metal production, the subsequent process is the same. The ADM or calcined oxide …

  • Molybdenum | Plansee

    Molybdenum-copper (MoCu) ... The ductility and fracture toughness of molybdenum materials decrease as the recrystallization level increases.

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