strontium isotopes reconstruction

  • Biogeochemical reconstructions of life histories as a ...

    Here, we assess the potential for radiogenic strontium and stable oxygen isotopic reconstruction of mobility over the life course to shed light on the regional interactions of coastal Ychsma groups during the Late Intermediate Period.

  • Strontium - Wikipedia

    Strontium metal can also be prepared on a small scale by electrolysis of a solution of strontium chloride ... stable strontium isotopes do not pose a significant ...

  • Radiogenic and Stable Isotope Methods | USGS Mineral ...

    Work is focused annually on collaborating with high-priority U.S. Geological Survey projects and other Federal and international agencies, and on providing radiogenic and stable isotope analyses to support mineral- and …

  • Ancient DNA, Strontium isotopes, and osteological analyses ...

    Sr isotopes in human dentine and a whole rodent will be dominated by post depositional Sr uptake, and reflect the Sr isotopes of the immediate burial environment, hence their similarity to layer B. Our Strontium isotope analyses reveal the men and children are most likely to be “locals” who lived and died in the Eulau region. The females ...

  • Mobility and Migration: Strontium Isotopes - Bones to ...

    the reconstruction of diet. ... you learned about strontium isotope analyses of the mineral in teeth and bone as a method to reconstruct aspects of an individual's migratory history. 13:06. With this method, it is in some cases possible to determine that an individual was born far away from where they died. 13:14. You also heard about the strontium isotope …

  • Isotope analysis - Wikipedia

    Isotope analysis is the identification of isotopic signature, ... 87 Sr, 88 Sr and oxygen isotope variations are different all over the world.

  • Lynn Ingram | Research UC Berkeley

    Lynn Ingram received her B.S. and her M.S. in geology from UCLA, the first in 1984, the second in 1989 and then her Ph.D in Geology from Stanford University in 1992. Her current research focusses on stratigraphy with strontium isotopes and paleoclimatic and paleo-environmental reconstruction in ...

  • Isotope Analysis | Time Team America | PBS

    Unlike other avenues for paleodietary reconstruction, which are generally based on contextual archaeological, ethnographic and historical evidence, stable isotope analysis provides a way to directly investigate dietary composition through the analysis of the bones themselves.


    Strontium isotopesHeavy stable isotope representing geological area of food acquisition. The contribution of isotope analyses to archaeology has sig- nificantly increased ever since the introduction of radio-carbon dating by Willard Libby [60], with applications of isotope analyses developing ever since. Today, stable isotope analysis is regularly …

  • Chemical isotope testing to help find where FDL's Jane …

    In their research, they sought to use strontium isotopes to identify “the commingled remains from the Vietnam conflict” as well as determine the location of a deer. At the time of the research, a man said that he had shot a trophy white-tailed deer in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, according to Beard.

  • Welcome! - IRHUM

    The IRHUM (Isotopic Reconstruction of Human Migration) database is a web platform to access, explore and map strontium isotope data. It is maintained at the Research School of Earth Sciences, ANU. Details about the data and their source is located in the individual layer files.

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