flue gas dewatering

  • Komline-Sanderson

    Komline-Sanderson provides quality equipment for vacuum filtration; indirect drying, heating and cooling; wastewater clarification; sludge thickening and dewatering; and flue gas treatment.

  • US4454101A - Dewatering of flue gas desulfurization ...

    The dewatering capabilities of sulfite sludges from flue gas desulfurization facilities are substantially improved by the addition of relatively small amounts of sodium thiosulfate additive, or additives derived from or related to sodium …

  • Filtration fabric for dewatering FGD gypsum in coal-fired ...

    Filtration fabric for dewatering FGD gypsum in coal-fired power stations Flue gas desulphurization. Filter belts made of GKD synthetic fabric are used in vacuum belt filters to dewater the gypsum that accumulates during flue gas desulfurization in coal-fired power stations.

  • Flue gases: Gypsum dewatering in desulphurisation ...

    The combustion of sulphur containing fossil fuels requires downstream flue gas cleaning, which is often accomplished by wet processes. This is where the raw flue gas is cleaned in an absorption wash tower where the sulphur dioxide reacts with an aqueous slurry of limestone to form gypsum.

  • Improved FGD Dewatering Process Cuts Solid Waste

    In 2007, Duke Energy’s W.H. Zimmer Station set out to advance the overall performance of its flue gas desulfurization (FGD) dewatering process. The plant implemented a variety of measures, including upgrading water-solids separation, improving polymer program effectiveness and reliability, optimizing treatment costs, reducing solid waste …

  • WO2003066525A1 - Improvement of flue gas …

    The present invention relates to dewatering of gypsum in flue gas desulfurization process based on a limestone forced oxidation technology. The dewatering is enabled and/or greatly enhanced by addition of carboxylic acids, preferably citric acid to the scrubbing slurry.

  • Flue gas desulphurisation system | KSB

    In a flue gas desulphurisation system (FGD), sulphur compounds are removed from the exhaust emissions of fossil-fuelled power stations.This is done by means of an industrial process through the addition of absorbents.

  • Flue gas cleaning | IDRECO S.P.A.

    Flue gas cleaning. Geographic boundaries are not recognized by the winds. Air quality issues are complicated by the fact that they are usually of multinational concern.

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