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  • Nitrate – Ground Water & Drinking Water

    What are EPA's drinking water regulations for nitrate? 5. How does nitrate get into my drinking water? 6. ... Ground Water & Drinking Water; Fact Sheets; Nitrate

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    The following fact sheets and brochures have been developed to provide information on various drinking water topics. Many include information and links to various other drinking water associations that can also provide useful information to you.

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    Oct 16, 2017· The Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act gives the Water Boards the authority to protect groundwater and surface waters of the State. The Enforcement Program ensures that dischargers comply with their permits so the Water Board can meet its water quality goals

  • Water Quality Fact Sheets - Utah Department of ...

    Guidance for Calculation of 90th Percentile Storm Event Guidance for Floor Drain Discharges from Public Water Well Houses and Pump Houses Implementing Utah’s Nutrient Control Strategy Management of Water Quality in Utah Nutrient Pollution in Utah Phosphorus Rule Protecting Utah’s Watersheds

  • Fact Sheets | Healthy Swimming | Healthy Water | CDC

    The fact sheets below deal specifically with recreational water and are designed to address issues relevant to various audiences, including swimmers, parents with young children, aquatics staff, and public health professionals.

  • Drinking Water Facts: Lead

    Drinking Water Facts: What is lead? Lead is a soft gray metal. ... New Jersey Department of Health Page 2. Title: Drinking Water Facts: Lead Author:

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    Fact Sheets: Choose Water as a Drink; More Sharing Services Share. Print this page; Small font; Default font; Large font; Choose Water as a Drink. Did you know?

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    Fact Sheets and Publications. Visit DEP's eLibrary for current fact sheets and publications for the following programs: Dam Safety; Flood Protection

  • Water Availability | Fact Sheets | soilquality.org.au

    Water Availability . Key Points. Available water is the difference between field capacity which is the maximum amount of water the soil can hold and wilting point where the plant can no longer extract water from the soil.

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    About Us - Fact Sheet. Contact: Dan DuBray, (202) 513-0575. The Bureau of Reclamation: Manages, develops, and protects water and related resources in an environmentally and economically sound manner in the interest of the American public.