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  • Tungsten carbide products - Element Six

    Tungsten carbide products typically have a high resistance to wear and can be used at high temperatures, allowing tungsten carbide's combined hardness and toughness to significantly outperform its steel product equivalents.

  • Products - Vista Metals Tungsten Carbide Preforms

    Tungsten Carbide Preforms for Tooling and Wear Parts. Our extensive experience and full range of cobalt grades gives us the capability to produce a wide variety of high-quality, tungsten carbide preforms in virtually any desired hardness or density.

  • China Tungsten carbide, Carbide parts assembly ...

    Langsun Carbide undertakes its own manufacturing of tungsten carbide and carbide parts assemblies, and also exports blank and finished carbide products to North America, Europe and South Africa and Southeast Asia and so on.

  • Wear Resistant Tungsten Carbide Solutions - Reparex

    Tungsten Carbide is the choice to provide the best protection available for extreme wear and impact. It and Alpha silicon carbide offer the best wear performance and corrosion resistance of any available materials.

  • About Tungsten | Tungsten Affinity

    Tungsten carbide rings are comfortable, durable, and come in many different stylish designs. Unlike rings made of traditional metals tungsten is virtually indestructible.

  • Home - HardMetal Solutions

    HardMetal Solutions offers sub-micron tungsten carbide components for superior wear and abrasion resistance, nickel binder grades for corrosion resistance, technical ceramics for sliding and light weight applications, and diamond coatings for the ultimate wear solution, metal coatings that include boron diffusion, ion-nitriding, and nickel ...

  • Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts -

    Welcome to the premier industrial Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts resource. A wide variety of manufacturers, distributors and service companies are featured in our extensive vertical directory to allow ease sourcing and research for Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts.

  • How Carbide Wears

    How Carbide Wears - Typically, ... Additional wear factors. Tungsten carbide is actually tungsten carbide grains cemented with a metal, usually cobalt.

  • Kenco Longer Wearlife Parts

    Milling Machine Wear Parts - tungsten carbide impregnated parts for all high wear areas. Paver Auger Shoes - shoes bolt over base auger flights, virtually eliminating wear to base auger. Paver Floors - guaranteed to provide 5 or more years of wear, regardless of tons of material processed.

  • ICC | Customized tungsten carbide wear parts

    Customized carbide wear parts. Tungsten Carbide (widia) offers unique opportunities for the replacement of parts prone to wear. The capabilities of tungsten carbide (widia) are virtually endless.

  • Tungsten/Chromium Carbide Coatings - Extreme …

    Our coating formulations have been designed for optimal effectiveness with our thermal spray application process. Our winning CarbideX coating formulations combine tungsten carbide and carefully selected alloys or metals to provide the most economical wear solution available.

  • Tungsten carbide - Wikipedia

    Cemented Tungsten Carbide Products ... English / Products / Wear Components / Tungsten & Tungsten Carbide Wear Components. Carbide Components . …

  • Tungsten Carbide Manufacturers | Tungsten Carbide …

    Tungsten Carbide. Tungsten carbide is an extremely strong and wear resistant metal alloy that is half tungsten, half carbon alloy.It is an inorganic chemical compound that is twice as hard as any steel grade steel and much denser than titanium or steel.

  • Catalogs - Wear Solutions - Kennametal

    Tungsten & Tungsten Carbide Wear Components ›› Carbide Components; ROCTEC® - Abrasive Waterjet Nozzles ›› Ceramics ›› Sintec Ceramics ›› Boron Nitride and Ceramic Components; Boron Nitride Paints and Sprays; Ceramic Powders; Solutions. Aerospace; Earthworks; Energy; Transportation; General Engineering; Machine Tool Industry; Services. Kennametal Carbide …

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